•••Letter From The Editor

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Welcome to the first issue of Appaloosas Now!

Appaloosas Now is a project I have been thinking on for quite some time. After spending years helping people in the barrel industry promote and market their stallions, I sat back and thought about my breed, the Appaloosa. I realized that there is no one place that we can all come together and showcase this breed we love so much.

Trying to promote a horse on FB alone is difficult. There are so many different pages for Appaloosas, that you have no idea how many people are actually seeing your horse. Groups are scattered all over FB and so many are unknown or only used by people who just have one or 2 they trail ride, not that there is anything wrongwith that, but we needed a place to come together as an industry.  We need a place to market our horses that is financially feasible. We need these things to continue to grow as an industry.

So Appaloosas Now was born. My goal is to promote this breed in EVERY aspect, not just the show ring, but Ranch Competition, Barrels, Sport Horses, Competitive Trail, Mounted Shooting, Cutting, Reining, Extreme Trail, Poles, Cowhorse etc.,  I want to promote Appaloosas that are competing everywhere and not just in breed competition but in open competition against other breeds, all over the world.

We will have owner submitted content in every issue. I have chosen to leave all owner submitted content as it is written. I want you to feel like you are hearing the story directly from the owner, so the only editing that will be done to these submissions will be spelling and minor grammer issues. In doing so, it keeps it personal, like a conversation with a friend.

This publication will be FREE for everyone to view. I want everyone to be able to see what the Appaloosa as a breed and what the Appaloosa industry has to offer to everyone!

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