•••Got Spotted


Hello, my name is Anna Callahan, I’m originally from Moscow, Russia. My horse is UT Spurs for Olena (Jury Duty x Spurette), a 2007 stallion bred by Uwe Tolksdorf.

In 2009 we started western riding association in Russia, and I had a local bred mare at the beginning, but you know, to promote something new you need to show something more decent, so me and my mom started the search for a perfect horse. I always loved unusual colors but also I was in love with reining and conformation and ability of quarter horses. So I guess that’s why our choice falls on Spots (that’s his barn name, in Russian it sounds Pyatno) - he’s half Appy half QH.

We bought him in the spring of 2010 as a 3yr old, and just a few months later I took him to a horse fair. They also held a show there, where we won the pleasure class. That year it was the only show we had, but next summer I tried to compete in everything. From  pleasure and horsemanship, to trail, ranch riding,and reining. We just started winning every class we entered.  He was also my best horse to go ride outside. I took him to the lakes, forests, and any kind of event we could fit. Even did some cool photoshoots with him. You can do whatever you want with him, ride bridleless, backwards, shoot a gun or a bow from him, swim, jump, etc., He’s the kind of a horse that can do it all and he’s happy to go places. ~